Snorkeling with stingrays in Grand Cayman

Welcome!  My name is Sara.  I am currently working as the Coral Biologist at a 6* Resort in the Maldives. 

I decided to make a blog mainly so that my Mom could know what I’m up to (Hi Mom), but also so that all those people that tell me I have their dream job get a couple more hints of what it’s really like, and how to get where I am. 

I’ve always had a chronic case of itchy feet and an empty bank account.  So I’ve spent the last four years living where most people vacation. I decided to follow my passion for marine biology to some pretty neat places. 

Currently, I would describe myself as a budget traveler working at a six star, ultra-luxury hotel.  I’m constantly on the search for authentic cultural experiences, breathtaking adventures and a comfy bed though I’ve spent my fair sure of nights in a hammock on the beach as well.



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