How to move across the world.

  1. Make sure your running to, and not just from.  I’ll admit, I’ve had my fair share of ‘I need to get out of here’ moments after some monumental oopsie-daisies.  But every time I’ve packed my bags and grabbed my passport I’ve been truly stoked on the adventure I was about to undertake.  Don’t leave just to leave, or you’ll end up just getting more lost .  Whether it’s to learn a language, conquer a hike, or learn yoga- having a goal is key for a successful solo mission.
  2. Pack your bags.  I must admit, this latest adventure I severely overpacked.  Bringing kite gear, warm and cold weather clothes was a little intense, but I know I’m going to want to vacation on this side of the world.  The only thing I did right was separate my bags by when I’d need them.  So I have one with *Maldives Appropriate* clothing, one for when I get myself up to Switzerland or over to Iceland, and one for tropical vacation mode.  At the same time, throw away any clothing you don’t absolutely love and want to wear everyday- you’ll never use it. 

    I would say I basically looked like Ian above when I got off my seaplane.
  3. Do all those things your mom tells you to do and you roll your eyes at.  Check the expiration date on your passport. Get the right phone sim card.  Find out if you need to exchange money.  Weigh your bags.  Get those power adaptors.
  4. Splurge for that Airport Lounge Priority Pass, or at least get a credit card that buys one for you (I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve).  Trust me, when you have a seven hour layover the free food, free drinks,  free wifi, comfy chairs and sleeping room are going to pay for it. 
  5. 14 hour flights are hard, don’t be unprepared.  Headphones, books, charges, whatever.  I also like to pack a fresh pair of clothes for when I arrive to my destination.  It’s never a bad idea in fact to have a carry that you could live off for a week in case the airlines lose your bag (am I right Claire Rich?!!)  The best travel hack I’ve ever heard is to pack face wipes.  I once heard to these cleansing towelettes referred to as a “Music Festival Shower.”  Seriously, these little pads are a GIFT FROM GOD, and will instantly make you feel 100% better.  But at the end of the day, after a 14 hour flight you’re going to smell weird no matter what. 
  6. If you ask different flight attendants for mini bottles of wine they’ll each give
    you one!  Just please be sure to pace yourself or you’ll end up crying to La La Land and regretting every decision that lead you away from your ex…. don’t, they were all good decisions, you’re doing all the right things.  Drink a lot of water and take a nap at this point.
  7. When you finally get there, It’s ok to fail, but if you’re going to, make sure you fail epically.  Throw yourself into life head first.    It’s so cliche, but if you don’t totally dedicate yourself to the language, the job, or the experience the only option is getting homesick.  Try those things you never thought you would,  that’s how I learned to kite board.  Make friends.   The number one thing I’ve learned in all of my travels is that people around the world are essentially the same.  The accent might be strange, the god they pray to might be different, but no matter where you are, all people want is to be happy. So give it 100%.  Just be the girl who fucking went for it, or boy of course.
Are you ready to take the plunge?  I know, lame dad joke, I had to.




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