Maruhabaa (Welcome!)

I have officially survived living in the Maldives for a week!

I know many people might scoff at that.  White sand beaches, crystal clear waters & blue skies – what could be bad?!  To be fair, it hasn’t been hard, different yes but difficult no.


It’s been quite interesting living & working on such a tiny island.  A ten minute walk from my bed to my office, every meal provided in the staff canteen (thank god it’s delicious) & living conditions reminiscent of college dorms (stuck on top bunk in a room of four , quiet hours and restricted alcohol consumption).  Additionally of course, there is the strict dress code due to the Maldives being a Muslim country, while bare feet are the norm.  It’s an easy life to get used to, but very different to the one I was living in Puerto Rico.

The job is what I came for though.  I find myself saying “I can’t believe I get paid to do this” at least once a day.  From jumping from seaplane, to speedboat, into my first night snorkel (2 octopus, 2 turtles, a massive stingray & huge parrot fish) to countless dolphin cruises, snorkel sessions & sea turtle back scratches – everyday is a whirlwind.


My job specifically for the next year however is to work as the Coral Biologist.  Due to climate change and the ocean warming (yes Donald, it’s real), corals across the world have been dying.  For more information, check out this link ->  Coral Bleaching spreads to Maldives, devastating spectacular reefs.

Here at the resort, guests have the option to make a donation and purchase a coral frame.  These coral frames are then fitted with fragments of healthy corals and placed onto the reef or a sandy bottom.  The hope is that the corals will fuse with the frame and create new colonies and be able to repopulate our reefs!   The frames are monitored every six months for growth and donors can log onto our online database to see how their frame has faired! It’s quite interesting and I have a lot of freedom to do my own experiments and research.  I’ve been logging onto google scholar more then Facebook lately! Ok, that’s not quite true.

Well, until next time!


5 thoughts on “Maruhabaa (Welcome!)

    1. I would be happy to! Just let me know a good time, unfortunately there’s an 11 hour time difference so it will take a bit of planning.


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