Agra: the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

Agra India After reading about Agra on countless blogs and travel guides I was concerned that visiting the Taj Mahal was just an item to check off my bucket list.  So many guides said to spend as little time as possible there, that a day was fine and it could easily be skipped all together. …

First Impressions of Leh

I had never heard, nor dreamt of a place like, Leh before I began researching for my trip to India.  A stark landscape and severe topography strung with prayer flags.  Monasteries climbing mountains with chortas resting at their peaks .  Pink cheeked locals wrapped in colorful yak wool scarves smile and call “Juley” to tourists…


20 Photos that will make you want to go to the Seychelles now.


A simple & unique Maldives dive holiday for a budget traveler.

Cabo Pulmo

60 miles north of the tequila shots and and swaying spring breakers of Cabo San Lucas, is Cabo Pulmo. One of the worlds most successful marine parks & my favorite dive site.

Send Nudis

My sunset snorkel & discovery of a NSFW nudibranch gathering.